More Podcasts

Previously, I shared my top 5 favorite health and healing podcasts (see this post if you missed it). Today I have a few more similar podcasts to share with you. These podcasts contain a wealth of information however, these ones didn’t make my top 5 list because, for various reasons, I like cherry pick which episodes I listen to. 

1. Being Well with Julie Stiles. Yes this is the same Julie Stiles that hosts the podcast Autoimmune Adventures. This podcast is very similar to Autoimmune Adventures but geared more towards everyone rather than just towards those with autoimmune disease. Sadly, there are only a few episodes and Julie Stiles has been quiet in the podcast world for the past year.

2. Nom Nom Paleo with Michelle Tam, Henry Fong and their two boys. I was enjoying cooking while listening to their Paleo foodie podcast but after 17 episodes they have also been quiet over the past year and I’m not sure they plan on returning to the podcast world. Either way you’ve got to try Nom Nom’s crispy chicken thighs and Kaula pork. 

3. The Paleo View with Sarah Ballantine and Stacy Toth. Some episodes are good, I particularly like when Sarah shares the science behind the Paleo diet, but some episodes are mostly personal updates and other chit chat I’d rather skip over. Viewing the episode description is handy as they include times and a general overview of what is discussed so you can listen to the parts you want and skip the rest . 

4.The Paleo Solution with Rob Wolf. Rob interviews someone different each week generally about the Paleo lifestyle, training, nutrition, intermittent fasting etc. He does have a 5 minute add at the beginning of each episode but you can skip over it or even the whole episode if the topic of the week doesn’t interest you . 

5. Revolution Health Radio with Chris Kresser. Covering nutrition and health. Again some episodes might not interest you but the ones that do will go fairly in depth. Sometimes the transcript in the description is easier and faster to read than to listen to, at least for me. 

6. SCD Lifestyle Solution with Steve Wright and Jordan Reasoner. Discusses healing with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Interestingly, there was a recent medical trial of using the SCD with great results. There haven’t been any podcasts released since last February but past episodes are still available. 

7. Love and Heal with Jessica Flanigan and Sarah Choueiry. This is a fairly new podcast and I’ve only listened to an episode or two so far so I’m not sure how much I like it yet. Jessica and Sarah explore the mind-body connection to healing and the AIP diet. 



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